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Tarsands reclamation

Post on social misledia “If you don’t like reading articles, read this short clip and just look at the 20+ pictures of reclaimed oil-sands land. “Oil sands development is subject to some of the strictest environmental regulatory standards in the … Continue reading

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Past US Presidents net worth increases and dealing with unethical influence and corruption

Oct 31 2019 – Concerned Citizen A false and misleading meme on social misledia circulating that claims Obama increased his net worth from $1.3M in 2007 to an estimated $135M with a salary of $400K per year with quote from … Continue reading

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Equalization transfers in Canada Here is some more info on equalization including all the provinces. One comment talks about the details good and bad and another claiming Quebec sells their Hydro power at lower prices to reduce resource revenue but they only … Continue reading

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V for Vendetta graphic novel and movie

Copyrighted image by … — My first graphic novel since a kid. Was going to watch V for Vendetta the movie but after reading the summary decided to read the novel first as the movie takes place after the events … Continue reading

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Cash for needle returns? Homeless Winnipegger says incentives, help from city could clean up camps

© Provided by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Raymond Dunn lives in a tent in a neatly kept area behind Balmoral Hall, a private girls’ school a short walk from a homeless encampment along the Assiniboine River. Raymond Dunn lives in a … Continue reading

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Housing Affordability Propasal – Canada

How many read the following Liberal caucus policy proposal circulated on social misledia in full or just the highlights? Is this proposed sliding scale for capital gains to reduce the effect of speclators and foreign capital but limit the impact … Continue reading

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Past and recent Immigration to Canada

Oct 29 2019 – Concerned Canadian The attached meme has been circulating on social misleadia. Here is some of my comments plus a partial summary of past immigration to Canada and this different perspective from a comment on one the … Continue reading

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