Corporate political donations via third parties influencing elections

Why do so many in the public focus on corruption or accused corruption of those in power but ignore it from those that seek to replace them or the ones who influence whoever will do their bidding at the time.

The hole system is flawed and influenced by those with self and special interests that most often come at a cost to the public.

If the effort put into playing in this charade put towards exposing the systemic issues and meaningful reforms we wouldn’t have failing governments that do more harm than good every four to eight years.

Just some of the recent examples. There is many for current and previous governments, parties, leaders etc…

Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows
Claire Brownell and Zane Schwartz
Dec 12, 2016
Last Updated Dec14, 2016

Ontario Proud, Canada Proud, BC Proud third party corporate funding plus attack ads in Ontario, BC, Alberta and Federal elections.

Canadians may never know the details of an elaborate scheme orchestrated by engineering giant SNC Lavalin to funnel more than $117,000 to the federal liberal and conservative parties after one of the key players quietly pleaded guilty a few weeks ago.

Normand Morin, the 76-year-old former vice-president of the company, took advantage of a routine court appearance in late November to plead guilty to two of five charges of contravening Canada’s election financing rules. The prosecution dropped the remaining three charges.

Morin was given 60 days to pay a meager $2,000 in fines

This even a bigger issue in the US since the Citizens United decision.

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