Political distrust and loss of confidence

Record low turn out in the Manitoba Election Sept 2019 plus near record number of declined or spoiled ballots and both trending in the wrong direction.

This demonstrates that almost 50% think it a waste of time, their representative is just a puppet or have lost confidence and trust in our politicians, parties and systems to the point none of the above is a better choice.

Enough declined and spoiled last and this time that it sends a clear message that they need to make meaningful changes to restore voters confidence, trust and participation.

I hope they do not ignore this again.

Registered Voters: 853,377
Votes Cast: 472,575
Rejected: 2,152
Declined: 1,106
Turnout: 55.4 %

Number of Electoral Divisions Reporting:
57 /57


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Riddle me this. What would happen if 100% voted? We would still have the same shite system with the same corrupt politicians. You can’t trade captains and expect the league to change.

Maybe if politicians WOULD be charged with fraud for not sticking to what they promised in their platforms more people like me would vote.

The entire system is flawed. Voting in it just makes us sheep. The government needs to be over thrown and something more akin to star trek needs to be installed. The world needs to work together. Not just provinces and states.

Be careful with utopian ideas as the far right will scream about One World gov, UN overreaching, ineffectiveness and corruption.

Human genetics to some degree, greed, and power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There needs to be balance in all areas and slowish changes unless the risks and impacts (based on trusted facts) of not changing faster are too great.

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