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Political leaders misleading their parties and the public and they join up to do the same once in power

Shutterstock The CBC ran a version of the news story from The Georgia Straight about Andrew Scheer lying or misleading his party and the public but with less details. The Straight also covers some of the lies, misleading and conflicts … Continue reading

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When You Judge a Child Using an iPad

Photo: Genevieve Georget I was at a wedding a little while ago, sitting next to a grandmother of three young children. “Honestly,” she said “kids these days have no idea what real values are and they’re certainly not going to … Continue reading

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Large homeless camps pop up under bridges and in parks, spark safety concerns in Winnipeg | CTV News

CTV News Comments What was being done previously to reduce homelessness, serious crime and reign in soring policing costs was failing. All agreed somethings needed to change. The City, Province and community groups came up with some ideas. One … Continue reading

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Side effects of antidepressant use and patient perspective of long-term use

Shutterstock – Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley — I read the following article from Natural News and have suspected some of this to be occuring but have not seen any reliable information from respected sources. Based on the track record of … Continue reading

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Rapid Climate change discussion needs to get back to unbiased science and facts

The global news article below is better than most but is still somewhat biased and makes several assumptions. Sadly both sides of the rapid climate change and many other current and important discussions use exaggeration, propaganda and rely on false … Continue reading

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Tour company Thomas Cook collapses, 150,000 people stranded

People walk past a closed Thomas Cook travel shop in London, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) Thomas Cook has ceased trading, its four airlines will be grounded, and its 21,000 employees in 16 countries, including 9,000 in the … Continue reading

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Go where the wind takes you

They crossed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, breaking the distance and speed records for 6,700 miles in an air balloon (It took 46 hrs and reached hair raising speeds of 245mph). Wow! — More recent records After Crossing Pacific, … Continue reading

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Police advise to not chase property thiefs plus info about stand your ground and self defense laws

Manitoba Headingley RCMP urging victims of theft not to pursue suspects Warning comes after string of chases, including one that ended in crash: Headingley RCMP CBC News · Posted: Sep 16, 2019 4:33 PM CT | Last Updated: September 16 … Continue reading

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The Sackler family own the embroiled Pardue Pharma who wants to cut a deal to avoid criminal prosecution

Reuters The Sackler’s worth an estimated $13 Billion or more if including the billions they accused of hiding offshore. Purdue is accused of fuelling the US opioid crisis through nefarious means of promoting and selling drugs like OxyContin. “Purdue is … Continue reading

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Some of what they know and don’t know vaping illness without all the hysteria

Facts About The Mysterious Vaping Illness What to know about this serious, vape-associated lung problem striking healthy young people. BY MARTY MUNSON SEP 11, 2019 JAKE KOZAK / EYEEMGETTY IMAGES — In some cases the illness and hospilizations appear … Continue reading

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