Summary of pleading not guilty to alleged traffic matters in Manitoba and especially Winnipeg

Aug 30 2019 – WiseUpWinnipeg Volunteer Public Advocates

Are you one of the 225,000 or more drivers or vehicle owners issued a notice for an alleged traffic offense aka “ticket” in Manitoba every year?

Over 200,000 are issued in Winnipeg alone and this has been trending up per capita since photo and other aggressive traffic enforcement tactics became the priority over proper engineering and safety.

Is the fine amount up to six times the amount elsewhere in Canada?

Was the option to plead not guilty by mail taken off the back of the alleged offense notice and justice department website?

Was the option to pay with community service taken away? Are you having to choose to pay fine to keep your license or insurance for your job vs food, utils, rent or other essentials?

Was it alleged you or your vehicle were

– “speeding” 13 – 15 km/hr over the limit in a zone with signage removed, missing, obscured or inadequate and or the limit was artificially reduced by incompetent, greedy or influenced and self serving politicians even when these against proven national engineering standards for safe and efficient traffic and pedestrian flow? These standards followed or enforced properly across Canada except Winnipeg and elsewhere in the developed world.

– “running” a red light light with entering red within a few tenth’s of a second and the amber / yellow light timing artificially and dangerously reduced to 4 seconds when it should be higher (like 5 or 6 sec for higher speed zones) based on proven nation engineering standards for safety.

– rolling through a stop sign or not stopping for three seconds when you stopped and proceeded when safe to as per the hta. Winnipeg has more stop signs where engineering standards call for safe yields than anywhere in Canada.

– these and other alleged traffic offenses in known or created engineering deficient locations account for over 90% off all traffic “violations” and result in up to $70,000,000 per year collected or extorted from the average safe drivers or vehicle owners in Manitoba. The Provinces cut is 50%, the City or Municipality 25%, the Police 25% and for profit partner Conduent / Xerox gets their cut out of the Police cut for Photo Enforcement “violations”.

** That extrapolates to over $400,000,000 per year taken out of the economy with velocity of money.

This before the unfairly or unlawfully issued penalties applied by legislated monopoly MPI and the bloated bureaucracy “leading” it for officer issued violations. It is before the economic and social costs of these “safety” programs that effect low income individuals and their families the most.

What can you do to prevent these?
Get the TrapSpy app on Google or Apple store to be alerted of these deficient locations with revenue collection traffic “safety” traps.

Do you want to plead not guilty, face your accuser, have full disclosure with a fair and speedy trial?

More than sadly that is a thing of the past in Manitoba but once more people get informed of the facts, impacts of ignoring and take the meaningful steps mention below and others things will begin change toward true public interests again.

If not the fundamentals of our justice system including related public services, government, judicuary and our democracy in general will continue to be eroded.


When the “Crown” sees you are not going to bend over and are well prepared to expose their, Conduent / Xerox / Lockheed Martin / ACS, WPS, WPA, City of Wpg, City Council, GoM, Parliament and the Judiciary’s “safety” revenue extortion program they will stay it with “we lost your file” or another equally lame excuse and that they have the right to stay the matter.

If you protest and say you want the matter heard as it is a matter of great public interest and it is their responsibility to ensure their actions instill confidence in the administration of Justice they will say “if you must you can speak to a Justice but you have to wait (aka a JJP in Kangaroo Court) and they will say the same thing”.

If you wait the Crown will repeat what they said before and the parrot behind the “bench” repeats it word for word and tells you to leave. If you protest they call a bailiff / sheriff.
You can appeal to the media before and if you lucky to find one that is not already biased or bought they may wait out side the court for the out come. If you let the Crown know they may let the matter be heard but pass this on to the JJP and during your hearing when they see you well prepared to expose the gravy train they take a recess to confer with someone and come back with “there was a technical issue or …that was identified in another ruling so the Crown may want to stay. The “crown” becomes the parrot tgis time and repeat it word for word. If you protest you remember the bailiff part.

Instead if you dumb it down a bit and get a Crown and JJP that thinks they can get away with conviction and you wont bother to appeal they may play along but then get worried and the “Crown” have answered for their witnesses during cross examination (before the PC majority gov used NDP drafted legislation that tool away the right to face your accuser) and or JJP has entered testimony / evidence during submitions or accused testimony benefiting the Crown or allowed perjury by Crown witnesses with no consequences yet they are supposed to be impartial. They have allowed other breaches of due process, chater and other legal rights and responsibilities.

All two or three parties regularly facing the accused in SCC / POC / Traffic / Kangaroo Court have ignored their sworn oaths, code of conduct, professional standards, ethics and humanity and helped railed road many wrongfully or infairly targeted and accused.
If you well prepared and convicted and you appeal to MBQB or MBAC if needed you have a strong possibility of appearing before a Justice that has shown bias in favor of the crown and system ( that pays them very well) with hta / traffic matters. They are appointed by politicians and sometimes past colleagues not the public.

If not or before conviction you properly file a motion to have the matter heard by a proper Justice in the higher court (MBPC) or by an Justice outside MB or a charter challenge motion or other relevant motion within 30 – 15 days of your trial / hearing and are lucky enough to get an unbiased Justice and are well prepared you may see proper Justice and help set a precedence. Sadly this is extremely rare in MB for hta / traffic matters.

The only thing stopping these injustices, unlawful taxation as fines, unlawful enrichment, breach of trust and related crimes against the accused and public is all those that choose to be apart of it, turn a blind eye or not do something meaningful about it. That includes police,, many of the public servants in relevant departments, elected and appointed officials at many levels, crown, clerks, JJP’s, Justices, Chief Justices, APEGM / EGM, LSM, Ombudsman, LERA, PILC and most media. Many of the accused and those that hear from family or friend affected agree it a cash grab but decide to just pay it or who just say pay it without finding out what they can do about it.

Taking the steps above plus the following if needed may sound stressfull, time consuming and a waste of time considering the average fine amount but the consequences of most not are extensive and far reaching.

No need to take time off work as there is option for night court or to appear before a french speaking Justice and Crown.

Filling formal complaints to Chief Justices, APEGM / EGM, LSM, Ombudsman, LERA and related public institutions paid for by public funds or in place to protect the public. Follow up with these and appeal orcescolate thesecif needed for Judicial review or Judicial Council. Get unbiased or less biased media involved.
Contact a recognized law clinic and review the large amount of information available to self represented.

Contact related public advocacy groups
Contact a reputable lawyer that is registered with the Law Society and in good standing. Ask them to take on your case or assist probono or discounted as a matter of public interest. Offer to refer their paid services to others. If needed and you can afford it hire them.

Contact the public interest law center (PILC) for your trial, motions and appeals.
Document and share you experiences good or bad to help others take the right steps There is many benefits from leading by example.

For more info, form to plead not guilty by mail, email or fax visit

Find photos, files and read or join the discussions olus much more at and

Donate to important public interest court actions via Paypal using

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