Indigenous Protestors Delaying Traffic at Border Crossings

Highway Blockade Update

By Pino Demasi
On August 9, 2019 at 7:53 am

The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay

(MANITOBA – ONTARIO BORDER)Below is an update via media release from Treaty 1 regarding the round dance expected to stop traffic on the Trans Canada Highway at the Manitoba – Ontario border.

It says this was to delay traffic not a full blocade. My wife and I missed this by a few hours and my son aborted a trip to a friends cabin in Ontario because of it. Anyone affected by this? How long of a delay? I do not think it is an unreasonable step to have their message heard. If I was stuck in backed up traffic for a long time I might feel differently.

More of these delays for round dance ceremonies planned for other border crossings including some to the US.

Some comments on social media calling the protest vandalism, police aiding and abeting road blockets etc …
The difference is they are protesting to create awareness that we are on treaty land and should not take that for granted. Some of them do not have safe water, sewer and other infrastructure, or proper education and healthcare access etc…
Part of that is due to chiefs or band leaders misusing funds. The previous Federal Conservative government created the Financial Accountability legislation so the bands had to report finances just like other levels of government. It exposed corruption and some chiefs got voted out.
The Trudeau led liberals traded enforcement of this for votes under the guise of open and transparent communications. This needs to be enforced again by the next government and the open transparency in other ways so it a proper two way relationship.
Standards need to be brought up once funds are used properly and they or services increased if they still below Canadian standards.

Wab Kinew at a rally in Manitoba – DANTON UNGER / Winnipeg Sun/Postmedia Network

Brian Giesbrecht
Published: August 9, 2019

Winnipeg SUN News Manitoba


Brian Giesbrecht, retired judge, is a Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Are Giesbrecht’s comments reasonable or very short sighted?

He says

“It has nothing to do with more money and power. It is the good old fashioned method that works for everyone – education and hard work.”

He gives examples of Manitoba’s Wab Kinew (NDP party leader) and former Federal Attorney General Jody Wison-Raybold.

There are numerous examples of Indigenous people who came from the reserve that achieved success despite modest beginnings. Senator Murray Sinclair is one.

He assumes the majority of indigenous people in Canada have the same upbringing, privilege, opportunities and are physiological equal to the majority of Canadians. The fact is the colonial systems, residential schools, sixties scoop, cultural differences, systemic racism, often generations of sexual and verbal abuse of children and women, substance abuse or self medicating, inadequate primary education and limited healthcare have put many at a servere disadvantage.

Some grew up in better conditions or were able to overcome these but to say the majority can do this without major changes and support is a stretch to say the least.

These conditions have spanned genetations and it will take major changes and genetations to bring true equality and fine the right balance of the many cultures differences.

Are the chiefs and band leaders of many First Nations partly responsible after incompetence, misusing funds and corruption? The Financial

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