Trudeau violated ethics law by pressing Wilson-Raybould over SNC-Lavalin deal, Ethics Commissioner rules – The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail


There has been findings of conflict of interest against other leaders and politicians including in other parties. Why is there not more consequences other than to reputation and public opinion? In this case it is the second such finding by the auditor general against Trudeau. This is not much of a deterent.

At a minimum he should be required to resign and not be permitted to run at any level again for 10 years.

Protecting Canadian jobs and the economy is an inadequate defense considering the severity of the criminal charges against SNC and its former executives.
Many of the employees and contracts would get picked up buy other Canadian firms that are not corrupted.

As for JWR being reinstated and backpay that should have been the decision of the new leader and PM.

It sets a bad precedence regardless of which party you support. It has far reaching consequences including a loss of confidence in him, the liberal party and in government in general.

It is clear in the eyes of many Canadians and even Mr. Dion the Ethics Commissioner that Trudeau was in conflict of interest when he took advantage of his position of power to help SNC.

It is no different than what Harper, Doug Ford, Pallister, Bowman and others have done with the strong leader models we have in Canada at all three levels of government.

They are allowed to control who gets and keeps cabinet, comittee chair, EPC and other important positions that pay more and allow opportunities for more power and often offers of influence.

They use this to manipulate the will of those they appoint and influence out ones on important votes and decisions.

If the appointees disagree and voice this within the cabinet or party they are shuffled out and often back benched. If they or even regular MP’s, MLA’s etc… speak out publicly against the party or leaders position they are “voted” / kicked out of caucus / party and lose the political and financial benefits of party status.

Should there be more independence allowed for the other elected officials and together they vote to pick these and other currently appointed positions?

Are these current strong leader models needed to prevent in-fighting and allow effective governing? If so there needs to be more checks in place to prevent unethical influence and corruption plus better enforcement of them and the current protections often ignored or misinterpreted.

We need to look at other democracies that are working properly and not loosing so much public confidence and trust.

I knew deferred prosecution agreements (DPA’s) are becoming more common and used in other respected democratic countries but it was the lack of transparency with Trudeau and most of those he has influence over changing their story so many times. If he and his inner circle were open about it from the beginning there would have been no issues.

They snuck it in with an Omnibus budget bill and knew the finance committee would not debate it properly. They knew the overwhelming amount of evidence against SNC and its former execs plus several criminal investigations, charges and trials would prevent an open acceptance of a dpa for them so they tried the back door route. It failed and It failed thanks to JRW standing up for the public and should have or what would have come through that back door next?

SNC used employees as a front to donate over $100k to the liberal party, a lesser amount to the Conservatives and individual candidates and when caught were only required to pay it back.

I know Sheer, Ford, Harper, McGinty, Wynn, Christy Clark and many other political leaders have been influenced, conflicted or unethical and been caught. The whole political, governments, judicuary, law societies system needs to be changed and the swamped drained to restore a propery functioning democracy with strong public confidence and trust along with fiscal sustainability, fair taxation and strong economic growth.

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