Locally produced and meat alternatives. Are they responsible and healthy options?


It makes sense sometimes to buy local and other times not so much. There needs to be a balance and sometimes compromises need to be made. I go into this more below.

There is many meat alternatives available now and more coming out. Are they what they claim? Again it varies and requires some investigation.


From the comments it looks there is some misleading information in this article with no author and unknown source. Pea isolate used not soy isolate plus ingredients on the label different than what is on the label at least on Canadian version.

Regardless it best to avoid or limit processed food.

I support locally and responsibly produced products including meat and eating it in moderation. There is often less costs and pollution when not having to transport goods long distances.

We recently split a cow three ways from Spence Bros in Winkler with delivery to Wpg included. Grain fed and 29 day dry aged. 134 lbs @ $3.60 /lb (59 lbs of hambuger plus 75 lbs of steaks and roasts including some T-Bones, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Rib and other cuts. It double wrapped with quality maintained for at least a year in freezer.

Apparently they meet organic rating requirments other than fence posts are treated. Great taste and quality so far.

Also “Local Meats” on St. Annes rd. In Winnipeg is family run with large selection of local MB produced meats, cheese and other products frozen or fresh that are high quality and significantly lower cost than even Superstore.

We still have balanced diets with lots of fresh and whole foods and some meals with no meats. I cycle to work regulary, we have a large compost for yard and house organic waste and try to be responsible in other ways. It is not always the easiest option that is the responsible option.

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