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Medical licence revoked of Ottawa fertility specialist who used own sperm to artificially inseminate patients – The Globe and Mail

Bernard Norman Barwin …. Outside of the hearing, Ms. Dixon said she hopes the case sends a message about the need for better oversight of fertility clinics. Fertility clinics in Canada are privately run, for the most part, and have … Continue reading

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Suspect Robs Liquor Mart with Bicycle Pump

Home / Winnipeg Crime By Manitoba Post Staff 21 June 2019 @manitobapost Commentary Hey I have one of those pumps. Good to know if I ever become a victim of driver road rage I can pull it out. Wait … Continue reading

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The world is broken—and human kindness is the only solution –

A photograph of the NZ PM embracing a Muslim woman reproduced by artist Loretta Lizzio as an 18-metre mural on a silo in Melbourne (Recep Sakar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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MB cosmetic pesticide ban leads to dandelion infestation plus info on more natural alternatives

Delineations in a Winnipeg park. Randall Paull/Global News Comments Dandelions bring nutrients up from the deeper soil. The rabbits eat them on my front lawn and a fake owl plus our cats let out peridically keep the rabbits out … Continue reading

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Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds | CBC

The Canada Revenue Agency found tax leakage with companies big and small in the report released Tuesday. (Chris Wattie/Reuters) Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds Commentary Long overdue to stop raising taxes … Continue reading

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Opinion: As Vancouver mulls a bitcoin ATM ban, don’t forget who this might hurt the most: sex workers – The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail ETHAN LOU CONTRIBUTED TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED JUNE 15, 2019 UPDATED JUNE 15, 2019 — Commentary Is Winnipeg going to consider the same? Winnipeg is among the worst in Canada for money laundering and … Continue reading

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Parting the Red Sea: Why the Chinese and U.S. armies are fortifying this tiny African country – The Globe and Mail

Djibouti, 2017: Personnel from China’s People’s Liberation Army hold an opening ceremony for a new Chinese military base, the country’s first such facility to be built overseas. STR/AFP/GETTY IMAGES GEOFFREY YORK AFRICA BUREAU CHIEF DJIBOUTI PUBLISHED JUNE 6, 2019 UPDATED … Continue reading

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