‘Hate speech at its worst’: Paramount Fine Foods owner awarded record damages in anti-Muslim cyber libel case – The Globe and Mail

Mohamad Fakih, the owner of Paramount Fine Foods, was targeted by two anti-Muslim activists, defendant Kevin J. Johnston and Ranendra (Ron) Banerjee.

UPDATED MAY 13, 2019


A self-styled anti-Muslim pundit has been ordered to pay $2.5-million in damages to a Toronto-area restaurateur, in a ruling in which the judge said that hateful internet speech needs to be confronted.

The defendant, Mr. Johnston, a one-time mayoral candidate for Mississauga, operates various internet platforms, including a YouTube channel, his own website and now-suspended Facebook and Twitter accounts.
“Mr. Johnston profits from the promotion of hatred,”

Mr. Johnston argued that his remarks were political satire. The judge, however, found that his words were violent and threatening, falling outside of the protection of the Charter of Rights.


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