Oil Tankers, protesting, Irving and Canadian oil and gas

Canada Action

Black outline denotes where ENGO’s are fighting to ban tankers. Red shapes are tankers. All the while the world is closing in on consuming 100 million barrels of oil a day. ENGO’s only want to land-lock Canadian oil. Every Canadian should be outraged by this political and economic interference.


This diagram is graphic proof that the campaign against Alberta oil (which includes fake concern for BC coastal waters and rocky mountain tribal lands) is really to support off-shore oil.

Even in BC, there are contradictions. They say they do not want Alberta oil going to new markets off-shore, but they have a new terminal on the edge of Vancouver, just to bring cheaper Asian jet fuel into Canada; they have a new pipeline to take that jet fuel through the city’s suburbs to Vancouver’s airport. Do locals even know these facts?

Have bribes swayed all the politicians and media players who know this, and refuse to tell the public? What else could it be?

Canada Action is a lobby group for the industry. Is it a trusted and least biased source of info?

I agree we need to transition away from fossil fuels, invest in safer alternatives and diversify our economies for many reasons but this will take time. In the mean time we should be reducing were we can and buying petroleum products from corporations that refine it from Canadian oil and gas.

This would be accepted by more Canadians if the regilations including environmental cleanup were adequate and enforced. To date it has been mostly industry regulated which has been a failure in many ways.

Another problem is it sounds like there isnt many options for buying gas refined from Canadian oil.

Click on the image in this Facebook post and read comments of the original post. There is some interesting info and links including Irving saying they would still buy Saudi oil if energy east approved and built.

What or who is influencing them? If so can’t the government do anything about this? Are they influenced as well and the past Conservative governments of ten years?

There is no practical alternative to oil. It was once simple to get industry to buy local. That is exactly why duties and import taxes were invented.

The point is: only those with huge biases are fighting the new pipelines. These pipelines can reduce the flow of oil by tanker and train, both of which spill more oil than new pipelines do.

The irony is plain. These groups say nothing about off shore tanker traffic, importing oil to Canada. Follow the links for Tides Inc and left wing politics, and support for anti tar sands / anti pipelines political action. In 2015, there was more outside influence by Tides etc than all the Cdn effects of unlawful Facebook action.

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