Has the populist wave crested?

Has the populist wave crested?
Three years ago, it seemed like a tide of far-right discontent would wash away political orders around the world. A lot has changed since then




The angry and disenfranchised that gravitated towards these far-right managed groups are just beginning to realize that the far-right and even the hard-right ideas do not hold any real solutions to our societies problems.

A lot of the right-wings support are people fed up with seeing too much injustice in their own lives, and looking for solutions to any voice that promises changes. The problem is that the changes the populist right rails on about are as empty as the populist emo-driven left. So those supporters end up just more frustrated.

The only real way our society will get better is by changing how this country is governed, and how the system is organized to be more structured around fairness. No easy task, but doable.

We need to remember the importance of Ethics over Elitism, and produce rules and policies that support Real Democracy. When that begins to happen — you will see real change.

Some of us are trying to lead that charge now — with the hope that the left and the right will come to their senses, and realize that balance and ethics are the norm we should be striving for. Out of that will come a greater real will to stand up against injustice. 🤔

The key difference between right-wing populism and the populism of the progressive left – not just today but historically – is that the former is authoritarian and anti-pluralist, whereas the latter is democratic and inclusive. Projecting the imagined interests of the “real people” for whom they claim to speak, right-wing populists frequently pursue the vilification of vulnerable groups, fostering a political identity founded on exclusion…The antidote lies neither in the divisive, anti-pluralist agenda proposed by the populist right, nor in the complacency of the liberal centre. Only a passionately democratic and pro-pluralist left – championing the interests of ordinary people and acting as their voice against prejudice, inequality and the domination of extreme wealth – is equipped for the task ahead.


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