Why are many liberal leaders being called socialists or communists and Conservative leaders fascists or authoritarians?

A two dimensional view of the political spectrum.

April 19 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen

Many political right and left wing supporters resorting to extreme views and opinions to try and make their points. Less and less importance being given to finding the right balance, seeking the facts, speaking the truth and not misleading.

Many of the public do not see the root issues that are being ignored by most politicians in return for self or special interests or the extent of it.

Many feel the values important to them are being threatened so it warranted to use what ever means to make their point.

Some political leaders are encouraging this behavior by doing it themselves or not condemning it. This made worse by foreign and domestic influecing of the public via revenue focused social media and other means. Targeted ads that divide, disrupt proper public discourse and other tactics to advantage one side or cause instability.

History has proven there is serious consequences when things shift to far left or right and away from a proper functioning democracy with independence of government, administration and judiciary as well as freedom of press and speech that rely on the facts.

Kathleen Wynne, Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau and other liberals are being called socialists and communists while Doug Ford, Jason Kenny, Andrew Scheer and other conservatives are being called facists and authoritarians.

Why are there so many extreme views or opinions and so little centrist ones?

These Canadian Provincial and Federal leaders and anyone with centrist or moderate views being falsely portrayed in many memes, posts and videos with this and similar language on social misleadia.

The above image is a view of the political spectrum. Is this accurate? Where do you think we are and where should we be?

I am not saying the past or current liberal or conservative leaders or governments have been doing things right, far from it. I want positive change like most. Let’s just do it with honesty and integrity. If it can’t be done that way there is something very wrong.

Here is a good comparison that can hopefully put perspective on this.

Democratic socialism is distinguished from social democracy on the basis that democratic socialists are committed to systemic transformation of the economy from capitalism to socialism using governmental means, whereas social democrats are opposed to ultimately ending capitalism, and are instead supportive of fair and progressive reforms to capitalism to keep a balance between private, state and public ownership.

In contrast to social democrats, democratic socialists believe that reforms aimed at addressing social inequalities and state interventions aimed at suppressing the economic contradictions of capitalism will only see them emerge elsewhere in a different guise. Democratic socialists believe that the systemic issues of capitalism can only be solved by replacing the capitalist economic system with socialism—i.e. by replacing private ownership with collective ownership of the means of production, and extending democracy to the economic sphere.

Full description from this source which rated least biased by independent reviewers and the majority of those responding to poll.



More info





Calling these politicians and governments socialists and associating with communism just furthers the divide being created by those wanting to interference for personal gain. Wynne was incompetent, influenced and corrupted to some extent and needed to go like many politicians in government too long.

Notley was not perfect by a stretch but was also in between a rock and a hard place. Any one from any party would likely have suffered the same fate.

Trudeau had some good intentions, a bunch of idle promises and was incompetent, influenced and corrupted just like many politicians. He just showed his true colors earlier.

Pallister, Ford, Scheer and many current leaders have proven to put self and special interests ahead of public interests more times than not and time will tell if they do more good than harm.

We need to drain the swamp they all in and restore the will of the people without all the false and misleading propaganda and related.

The day that we stop calling a horse a horse – everybody loses. Same as what socialism delivers, always. These rejected, former leaders are history. Be thankful. Rather than help them be language and word police … – join the fight to stamp out communism everywhere.

…, I agree we should call things what they are and do not support many of the things these failed leaders did. It is misleading and dangerous to call them socialists or communists as you are helping those that are trying to manipulate the public to create divide for their benefit..

You risk helping push us to far from center the other way which also has serious consequences to many of the values that I know you and many others hold dear. The values that made Canada one of the best places to live, work in and visit.

If we focus on making our parties, candidates and elected officials more transparent and accountable rather than attacking using false or misleading info we will be more United and less likely to be distracted, mislead and manipulated.

We need to stamp out incompetence, bloated bureaucracy, ethics violations and corruption. These are what has costed and are costing us the most.

We have always been a country with a balance of capitalism and social programs and have struggled with finding the right balance mostly due to the above root issues not from effective social programs that proven to save money in the big picture and lead to a prosperous nation with high standard of living.

Except it is NOT “misleading and dangerous to call (the left) socialists or communists” – because that is what they are. And if that isn’t obvious enough to the casual observer of politics and the world – the left flat-out state it themselves. Proudly and increasingly. Counter-commentary such as mine is designed not to accommodate their strategy of brain washing the young and the weak – it is designed to snap the believers out of their automated hypnotic trance-like state before that part of their brain stops functioning all together. It’s called intuition and common sense.

History has shown many times that going to far left or right has serious consequences.

If we give into the tactics of those trying to divide us for personal gain rather than find ways to seek truth with integrity we are heading down a slippery slope and putting at risk many of the values I know you hold dear.

The root issues are incompetence, bloated bureaucracy, ethics violations and corruption not effective social programs. This proven in the countries with high tax rates but much better value for money.

Everyone I speak to wants better value and not at the expense of other Canadians, our rights and freedoms, the economy or the environment. I believe dealing with these root issues, sticking to the facts with integrity and being United can get us there.

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