High number of foreign students in Canada and some other western countries

Student numbers from Statistics Canada and some other western countries

April 17 2019 – Concerned Citizens

Several posts on social misleadia are saying

“In Canada, even high school officials boast about bringing in foreign students for high schools. There is a lot wrong with this. It is a symptom of a system of government which feeds itself and does not listen to (or respect) us.”, “Taxpayers burdened by subsidising foreign students, it is back door immigration” and similar.

Response and Comments

… this appears to be misleading. I hope that was not the intention. What is being subsidized?

The following Statistics Canada info is from Dec 2018.

How would these Universities and our economies fare without this large number of forieign students paying on average over four times higher tuition costs per year plus spending around $15k more per year for living expenses? How many stay and become productive citizens and taxpayers after?

It appears the real or bigger issue is why are more Canadian domestic students not doing better in secondary schools and going on to higher education? They get priority over foreign students if applying early.

If you’re a Canadian citizen studying in Canada, you can expect to pay an average of CA$6,838 per year for an undergraduate degree, and CA$7,086 per year for a graduate degree. According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for international students in 2018/19 are CA$27,159 (~US$20,600) per year.Dec 5, 2018. For more advanced degrees like Engineering is is around $35,000 per year.


Image from the following page and it along with serveral other rekated links here

Example post



When Fort Garry high schools in Winnipeg began taking off shore trips to recruit, the Board lost a lot of money on the program; I attended their meetings. If universities could get their operating costs under control, higher education would be cost effective for all. It currently has a long way to go.

I spoke to one of the LSRD candidates for School Trustee during the last Winnipeg elections. He had attended many school board meetings and was well aware of money being wasted and many areas there could be improvements made but the incumbent trustees and other bureaucrats ignored him. Sadly not enough of the residents cared enough to get informed and vote. The universities are even worse.

I was the advisor for Chemical Engineering for the foreign-trained engineers liaised with the UofM several years ago, so I got to know many of them, and have only praise. 😉

I know some people working at U of M or U of W and there is lots of good people and departments. The issue is many others are not so good. Often at the higher and highest levels there is bloated bureaucracy, incompetence, fiscal mismanagement and worse that needs to he cleaned up but blaiming it on foreign students and those recruiting or promoting is not the answer. Similar in most governments and municipalities and blaiming the average immigrant is also not the answer.

Correct …, tuition for foreign students is significantly higher. I’ve had opportunity to get to know a few foreign students and am amazed at their tenacity and motivation to do well in school.
I have been concerned for some time that Canadian youth are not very motivated to utilize the opportunities they have for education and good jobs.

…, there is more involved than most realize. I have learnt a lot about our education system from being a parent of several kids, from several family and friends that are established or new teachers and from reading from several less or least biased sources. Many common issues and concerns that are not getting the attention or funding needed while many areas resources and funds wasted.

Many parents and our society are also failing many of our youth by not preparing and guiding them. Too much is done and given to them without the important lessons.

Too many parents become jelly fish or brick walls instead of being a back bone for their kids on the important issues often relared to setting reasonable limits and rules around bed times, technology use, homework etc…

If parents are openly divided in front of their children instead of having the important parenting disagreements behind closed doors they loose the positive power relationship that is essential to effective parenting.

If parents or guardian are jelly fish the child often has little to no limits or rules and does what ever they want often to the detriment of their attendence, grades, mental and physical health and relationships. These can have short and long term consequences.

If they are a brick wall the child will tune out and or start to hate them which has other serious consequences. There needs to be a balance. In many modern western countries like Canada and the US with so many powerful influences away from the home this is very difficult especially if it involves a single parent without a support network of family, friends and community.

Many kids that need tutoring dont get it at home, are ashamed to ask for it or parents can’t afford it. It often related to low performing education system or school, difficulty learning or a combination.

Original misleading post

“There is another article coming out in a few days that should answer your questions.

Almost half the people who attend Canadian schools are foreigners. A tremendous burden to the tax payers, and part of the back door immigration plan. Canadian politicians are handing over tax payer wealth and resources!”


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