Capitalism vs Socialism false dichotomy part 2

April 12 2019

Some of the comments:

I think more and more people are unhappy with how Capitalism has evolved. Rich people aren’t playing by the same set of rules that 95% of the population has to abide by. Changes are coming hopefully.

Free enterprise vs government… Government control of anything, never works out for “the people”. This is why in the end, socialism, or variations thereof, never work. I am not saying capitalism is the answer, but what works better?

I believe that mindset is the problem. I’m not saying we dismantle everything this country is founded on. I’m saying Capitalism has to be monitored because it is human nature for there to be people that are dishonest! Capitalism in a Democracy with Socialistic programs for the betterment of our society. Honestly all that means is The 1%ers are getting away with tax evasion while the poverty level swells and the middle class shirks. Taking care of people is not a bad thing and making sure the people that can afford to pay taxes the most do!

I agree there needs to be a better solution than what the US, Canada and some other western countries are doing. Finding the right balance and preventing, greed, incompetence, ethics issues and corruption was always a struggle but it got better and now is getting worse.

Some other countries with liberal democracies have found a better balance resulting in taxpayers and the public getting much better value for money while maintaining Shane or higher quality of lives then we have overall.

More on this important discussion here:

And this one. I think this title is misleading sorry but was link to original article with some related links for multiple opinions.

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