B.C. introduces law to require cars, trucks sold by 2040 be zero emission

(Toby Talbot/Associated Press)
British Columbia
Legislation aims to phase out gas-powered vehicles
The Canadian Press · Posted: Apr 10, 2019 4:08 PM PT | Last Updated: April 10

The legislation would apply to new vehicles for sale or lease.



Following similar legislation from the UK and elsewhere.

Has Canada invested / investing enough in alternative energy and technology to be competitive internationally in this changing world?

Or has the priority been we have lots of oil and gas so let’s get it out of the ground or tar sands while we can regardless to the true costs to the public and the environment?

I support responsible oil and gas extraction and transport while we transition away from fossil fuels. More than sadly the facts without misleading or propaganda prove there has been far too little responsibility and more greed and corruption taking priority.

Is there time to change that while we invest in alternatives and technology? I think so but it often becomes unprofitable especially with tar sands and competing with sweet crude from Saudia Arabia and elsewhere.

So where does that leave us? A divided country owning a $4.5 Billion pipeline plan and a bunch of already rich lawyers fighting it out for us in court with our money.

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