OPINION: Don’t be so sure a carbon tax will survive the Supreme Court

Special to Postmedia Network
Published: April 5, 2018

Updated: April 5, 2018



“The Carbon Tax came into effect April 1st, 2019 for Provinces without their own federaly approved carbon reduction scheme. This may be grinding its way through the long court processes but will the money collected be refunded? Likely not.”

Depends on how the majority of the Supreme Court Justices hearing the case see the evidence, their interpretation of the constitution and the impact to the public now and in the future of their decision.

There is other SCC cases involving similar rights to rely on where the federal government did get jurisdiction over the Provinces. The Federal Crown can submit and rely on them or Justices can research and rely on them in their decision if they relevant.

The issue for me is Manitoba and some other provinces not given enough credit for their own green and carbon reduction initiatives plus the way the tax is implemented with no requirement to accurately ascertain the objectives being met or transparency measures for where the tax spent other than some refunded to Canadians.

This is cost taxpayers a lot on both sides in legal and related costs plus time that is needed for other important matters. Why could the elected and appointed officials collaborate and come up with something that is more agreeable by all sides and the public. It has been elsewhere on this and similar large complex issues.

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