Fletcher would create four ‘Indigenous’ seats in Manitoba Legislature | Winnipeg Sun

Joyanne Pursaga – Winnipeg Sun – Post Media
April 8 2019


Commentary – Opinion

Government here needs to be scaled down to sustainable size not up plus made more efficient and effective.

This idea has been done in NZ with a proportional number of seats reserved for those of Maori heritage. They used to occupy the entire country. The government and administration in NZ spends less per capital with taxpayers and the public getting better value than here.

The issue is less about representation in the Legislature and more about bringing up the standards so all Manitobans have the basics and the same opportunities but in a sustainable manner. Reduce incompetence, bloated bureaucracy, other fiscal mismanagement and ethics violations plus prosecute corruption effectively and with harsh enough consequences. This includes bands and chiefs that do not govern honestly or effectively.

Many aboriginal children and some other children in Manitoba grow up without the basics or the same opportunities most other children have at no fault of their own. Generations of separation, loss of identity or belonging, abuse or neglect and often poor diet has left many at a disadvantage in many regards.

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