Canadian Memorial Grant Program for First Responders

April 11 2018

Modified 2018-12-20 – Public Safety Canada

Summary plus opinion commentary

When firefighters, police officers and paramedics put their safety on the line, they are acting in service to all Canadians.

In recognition of the critical role of first responders in protecting Canadians, the Memorial Grant Program for First Responders will provide a one-time lump sum, tax-free direct maximum payment of $300,000 to the families of first responders who have died as a result of their duties.

The effective date for the Memorial Grant Program for First Responders is April 1, 2018. For eligibility, the date of death must be on or after April 1, 2018. The Grant will not be retroactive. You may apply for the Memorial Grant any time after the date of death

What is a line of duty death?
Line of duty deaths includes any death attributable to, and resulting from, the performance of official duties in the following circumstances:

  • Death resulting from a fatal injury (e.g., gunshot wound, stabbing, car accident, etc.) while actively engaged in the duties of a first responder in Canada.
  • Death resulting from an occupational illness primarily resulting from employment as a first responder (e.g., lung cancer, leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, heart injury or other illness).
  • Death resulting from, or reasonably attributable to, psychological impairment, specifically suicide, based on a pre-existing diagnosis or other evidence of an operational stress injury.

It does not presently cover those who have been permanently disabled in the line of duty.

More details including how to apply


Large surveys show many Canadians support compensating first responders or their families if they have been injured or die in the line of duty.

Many also support helping the ones diagnosed and suffering from PTSD to help recover, prevent suicide or if it too late and they have taken their own life already to compensate their families.

Is there similar available for veterans?

In modern times more veterans in Canada have died as a result of PTSD than from serving and many of the ones alive and suffering are fighting to be diagnosed or get support.

There is also many Canadians that are well informed and feel most first responders are well compensated with higher than average salaries, pensions and other benefits including generous disability and death benefits.

If the past and current Provincial and Federal governments reigned in incompetence, bloated bureaucracy, other fiscal mismanagement, unethical influence and prevented and prosecuted corruption they would not owe over $1.5 Trillion in debt debt and have debilitating interest payments.

Then Canadians taxpayers would not be under so much tax burden that they living paycheck to paycheck or worse. Then more would support a grant like this.

Some taxpayers are asking if this payment on top of death benefits paid out by their public employment benefits?

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