City of Winnipeg ponders honourary renaming street after the boy who died tragically in traffic accident

Surafiel Musse Tesfamariam died tragically Feb. 13, 2018, in a traffic accident while on his way to school. (

Apr 2 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen and Volunteer Public Advocate

There is more that drivers and pedestrians need to do to be safer on or near the roads.

The reason I posted this was not about the honorary renaming of a street, it was the CBC article with no writers name only says the boy was killed after being hit by a truck at crosswalk with his mother.

No mention of it being a tragedy or the City partially responsible for not trimming the trees obscuring the signage and crossing, knowing about the engineering deficiencies there and elsewhere and ignoring.

Or the importants of activating the lights before crossing and still looking both ways, when crossing, not rushing if late for school, waiting for parent or guarding when crossing and having guards there a bit longer for stragglers before and after school.

Photos of trees obstructing signs and crosswalk plus more info below and linked here followed by important details about the misleading article from the CBC.

Find out what could have been done to prevent these tragedies and what needs to be done to try and prevent more.

Kevin Yaworski – July 2018

Latest article
Surafiel Musse Tesfamariam, 8, died while on his way to École Varennes school
CBC News · Posted: Apr 04, 2019

Please keep the responses respectful and solution focused.

There is some misleading information in this CBC news article which may have been intentional and maybe why the writer is not named.

Based on the facts below should the CBC article title read

“City needs major overhaul in traffic engineering department and elsewere in public works”


“City ponders honourary renaming street after boy who tragically died in traffic accident”

Instead of the current

“City ponders renaming street to honour boy hit and killed in crosswalk”

If you care about proper engineering, education and enforcement in that order contact your elected and appointed officials at the City and Province who have the authority and responsibility to make this the priority.

If you care about unbiased media that investigate properly and report the facts so the public is not mislead or manipulated contact the CRTC, Canadian media associations and the appropriate program directors at CBC or other media involved. Your MP and appropriate Minister can also be asked to make this a priority for the CBC.

The article should say honorary renaming of a street does not change the streets official name. For Example, York down by the Forks has been honorarily named Mahatma Ghandi Way but maps and official addresses are still labeled York. As a result renaming a street does NOT inconvenience any properties as some assumed.

All to often people and the media are quick to blame the driver and ignore the facts that have been reported or when there is still an investigation. It was a tragedy on St. Annes that could have likely been prevented had the trees been trimmed, signage better, boy looking before crossing, not late for school, crossing guards still there (times they there changed by 15 mins the next day to accommodate children late going to or from school), … the Police investigated and did not charge the driver.

Several months after the tragedy and 40 days after the study released from the City that recommended the trees be trimmed and more effective flashing lights installed Infrastructure Chair and Counc. Matt Allard and Council. Brian Mayes were asked why are the trees still not trimmed there and all over the City where they obstructing view of crosswalks, their signs, playground and other important signs and damaging buses? Why the improved flashing lights not installed yet? Like usual they ignored.

The City via 311 says they are on a 10 year schedule for trimming trees. I have seen some obscuring for over 15 yrs and public fed up with 311 response doing it themselves and taking branches to the dump.

More details

Thankfully the City has since trimmed the trees at and near this intersection and installed the recommended improved flashing lights but ignored the many other deficient crosswalks. Sadly another pedestrian recently died tragically crossing Salter at one of the crosswalks with known deficient engineering. No charges were laid and the City likely to spend more public funds on another “study” and delay making the already known improvements.

In other jurisdictions across Canada and in Manitoba outside Winnipeg they actually care about real safety and follow or enforce compliance to national engineering standards like MUTCD, ITE and others. The Mayor Bowman led Council and City prefer to use propaganda to deflect, avoid and ignore and worse spend large amounts of tax dollars in Court to fight negligence and protect revenue streams instead of admit mistakes made and make the much needed reforms.

Original story

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From original post:

City report after young boy tragically dies at St Annes road cross walk released June 20th. After about 40 days the trees had still not been trimmed or improved flashing lights. The signage also against MUTCD standards for safety.

I contacted 311 about trees obstructing playground signs and damaging buses and they said they on a 10 year schedule. The public had to trim themselves and then For Profit Photo Enforcement stopping going there. They were only going when no kids present anyways.

Contact Counc. Brian Mayes and Infrastructure Chair and Ass. Deputy Mayor Matt Allard who are always claiming they care about safety especially now that it an election year.

Media coverage and our discussions here:

Please keep the responses respectful and solution focused.

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