Gasoline prices in Canada and the taxes on it

Example of breakdown from 2007. Taxes have only increased since.

Apr 4 2019 – Concerned Citizens

Public Post on Facebook about gas prices and taxes in Manitoba and elsewhere in

Gas prices hit $126.9 /L in Winnipeg.
Made some calculation and now it’s really disturbing.
I have 77 litre tank.
In Winnipeg it comes to approximately $92 bucks for full tank.
If I go to Pembina ND and fuel up there for $2.5 usd/gal it comes USD $50 for full tank or CAD $65.
It means $25 bucks less.
When I eliminate all gas I spent for 200 km it still saves me about $15 bucks.
It’s insane and disturbing.
Diesel in ND is about 2.8 per gallon now btw.
Last year people from Vancouver were driving down to WA to fuel up.
Is it our destiny too?

Some of the comments and related links

It made worse by the fact a large part of it is road tax and very little going to roads.

The roads are much better in the US. Yes they have more tax payers and less area but they have way more roads and the quality of construction and maintenance are often far superior.

It long over due to drain the swamps in most parliaments, administrations, judiciary and most other public institutions in Canada that are plagued with incompetence, bloated bureaucracy, unethical influence and corruption.

Do your Citizen homework including getting more informed of the facts and impacts of ignoring or accepting propaganda and misleading information from most elected and appointed officials.

Bbbbbut the rebate! This carbon tax is a tax on the poor. It will drive up the cost of everything effecting cash flow today. Telling someone they’ll get a rebate next year doesn’t help them afford gas, bus fare or groceries today. Thankfully the Liberals are gone in October because Canadians cannot afford another four years of that sanctimonious fake feminist a hole Trudeau.



Carbon tax bumps up gas prices in 4 provinces — will it change consumer behaviour?
April 1, 2019

By Maham Abedi – Global News

Where Do Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From?
by Prairie Climate Centre in Data and Maps, Education on March 7, 2018

Fuel Consumption Taxes in Canada

The Federal Gas Tax Fund

Evidence of Price Fixing by Oil Companies?

By Guy Cramer

August 25, 2004

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