UN criticism and trusted sources of information

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March 31 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen

The post linking to this article filled with mostly negative criticism of Angelina-Jolie and the UN.



It is concerning but understandable to see so many extreme view points and so little centrist ones. If we go extreme either left or right we all suffer in the long run. Many foreign and domestic special interests are trying to divide us for person gain or to cover up wrong doing.

After reading information from trusted sources that have a trend in being unbiased and not misleading for personal gain I agree that there is incompetence, bureaucracy, unethical influence and corruption within parts of the UN that needs to be cleanup and prosecuted.

I also agree that there has been much more good done than harm with the UN and that without it the world would be worse off. That does not mean we should turn a blind eyes to wrong doing, it just means continuing to reform it. If there is resistance than pause funding the UN until meaningful reforms made. The US has done this in the past after UN ineffectiveness and corruption exposed.

This is not perfect but has least biased rating and high accuracy rating. It is a good start but compare it with other trusted sources.

Here is good place to check the bias and factual ratings of many popular news sources as researched by dedicated staff, volunteers and also lists public opinion of listed sources.

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