Reporting Mobile spam and phishing texts and sms messages

March 31 2019

I received the following unsolicited sms / text message this afternoon. I consider this spam as I did not sign up to any newsletter or anything from Andrew Scheer.

This likely just spammers phishing for details on people.

I forwarded to 7726 (SPAM) and got the following reply

Beware of numbers that look familiar as they can spoof that too.
The concerning thing is the default messages app on my fairly new phone showed thumbnail from the url. I found were to disable or block that behavior. On android go to messages, settings, more settings and turn off web previews.

If it was not phising spam I appreciate his concern for me but I am well aware of the carbon tax and so are most people I talk about. I am not going to rush out and sit in a long line with everyone running their vehicles to save $2.64. He or his staff are not doing themselves any favors spamming people unless they think there is enough out there that don’t know better or care enough and it worth the risk of spamming.

This is also against anti-spam legislation.

“Andrew Scheer here.
Trudeau’s carbon tax will raise gas prices 4.6 cents on Monday, so fill your tank!

Click to help get rid of it:
[Link that had URL/short string]
This maybe considered suspicious by those wary of malware

CostOfTrudeau .ca /dtSwY”

I forwarded to 7726 (SPAM) and got the following reply

(1/2)Thank you for reporting spam. We’ll take it from here.
Merci de

(2/2)nous avoir signalé des pourriels. Nous nous en occupons.

More info.

The following from here:

I could not find anything for Manitoba.

Not only are spam texts annoying, but they can also be used to access your personal data and may even end up counting against your texting plan. We’re going to go over what you can do when you receive a spam text and how you can report it to your cell phone provider.

I’ve received a spam text…now what?

  1. Don’t respond directly to a phone number where you believe the spam text originated. Responding alerts the spammer that your number is genuine
  2. Forward the spam message to the short code 7726 (SPAM) so that an investigation can be started by your cell phone provider. If you receive a number of spam texts, it is recommended to put 7726 into your contact list so that you don’t need to remember the numbers
    • Reporting Spam to 7726 is free and messages don’t count toward your data or messaging usage package

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