The scope of the SNC-Lavalin scandal and coverups widen – formal criminal investigation clearly warranted


March 30 2019 – National Post – Summary plus commentary

The scope and coverups involving more allegations against PMO staff, Finiance Minister Bill Morneau and now former Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

“They make it appear as though she were just another legal gun-for-hire, an ambulance chaser who would, you know wink-wink, just do the bidding of her client and supply the desired opinion upon request.”

Some of them threatened JWR’s staff, notably Jessica Prince, also an accomplished lawyer including Trudeau’s principal secretary Gerry Butts.

“What,” Prince asked Butts, “if the opinion comes saying ‘She can review it, but she shouldn’t’ or simply, ‘She can’t review it’?”

“Mr. Butts stated, ‘it wouldn’t say that,’” Prince told JWR.

Prince remembered this very clearly, JWR said in her written submission to the justice committee, “because this response made her nervous.”

I bet it did: It’s not every day that high-ranking government officials talk about a former chief justice with such overt familiarity and with such a casual sense of ownership.

There is more than enough hard evidence and trend in behavior of wrong doing to warrant formal investigation into Obstruction of Justice and other serious crimes.

The Jody Wilson-Raybould solution
Christie Blatchford – National Post
March 30, 2019 10:38 AM EDT


In recorded call, Wilson-Raybould warns Wernick that Trudeau was ‘on dangerous ground’ by attempting to interfere on SNC-Lavalin

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