‘It’s quadrupled;’ Food Fare owner says brazen thefts not limited to Manitoba Liquor Marts

The front of the store at Food Fare’s
Portage Avenue location.
Michael Draven / Global News

March 25, 2019 6:00 am

By Elisha Dacey -Senior Online Producer – Global News


Winnipeg Police Association – For a Safer Winnipeg group post

“It is getting so bad. I’m telling you, people are stealing, they need money for some reason and they know they can do it, they know they’re getting away with it because we’re short on police. They know that there’s no penalty to what they’re doing.”



I agree there is a serious issue with thefts and related crimes and that more needs to be done at all levels of government, with police and other public bodies.

I do not agree that Winnipeg is short on police or under funded. It is more of a direction, efficiency and culture issue. We have more officers per capita than anywhere in Canada and their budget is over one quarter of the City’s $1 Billion budget with 85% going to salaries and benefits. These also above Canadian average for police.

This isn’t cherry picking stats. There is overwhelming amounts of information from FIPPA request results, Ombudsman; LERA and other formal complaints, audits, court records, large local and national studies and other public records that make it clear the priority, direction and culture within the WPS, City of Winnipeg, Government of Manitoba, Parliament and the Judicuary are not inline fully with public interests.

There has been a brain drain of critical thinkers within the WPS. Also most officers are just trying to do their job and following orders but some have said when it not a life and death situation and they question the direction or call out wrong doing they have been harrassed, denied promotions, transferred to undesirable units or tasks and similar. Similar if they suffer from PTSD or related and seek help they often ostracised, called weak or told to just suck it up. This not unique to local Police and there is known actions that can be taken to change this culture and prevent the consequences of it.

… what do you mean by brain drain of critical thinkers? Do you really think that has contributed to the problem?

Yes myself and many I have talked to believe it has contributed to a culture where no one questions the direction or priorities when it conflicts with the polices primary mandate. To serve and protect. Where the Police Board or Chief and others within do not push back against pressure from the City, Council or Mayor to generate more revenue themselves.

Where self serving and special interests often take priority over public interests. Inefficiencies and the union using false and misleading information to justify more police and budget increases instead of changing direction, culture and improving efficiency. The facts came out in many FIPPA requests, Ombudsman complaints, large independent reports and unbiased media reporting.

The police are partly stuck in the middle and more needs to be done at the City, Provincal and Judicuary levels plus within communities.

According to Gordon Sinclair Jr. It started in 2007.

“The highly educated senior cops — people with law degrees and masters in public administration or business — weren’t comfortable.”




Stiffer penalties but also reduced cost of living prices lower taxes or a higher minimum wage and higher payments for those on disability. If living is affordable for everyone people won’t have a desire or need to steal. For those who do for any other remaining reason higher penalties to make it not worth while.

… reducing taxes, levies, fees and related requires all levels of government, school boards / divisions, Crown Corps, police, other public bodies and SOA’s to have strong leadership that will cleanup incompetence, inefficiencies, bloated bureaucracy, unethical influence and corruption. It also requires proper independence of Crown Prosecutions and the Judicuary from political interference.

Currently most politicians and public paid bureaucrats just say we have to cut services or raise taxes. That is a blatant lie in most cases as they choose to look after self and special interests first and public interests as after thoughts. Sadly most main stream media avoid this or worse pass on the propaganda.

… we may have more police per capita but we have more transient crime than most because we are central and they work our city twice over travelling back and forth coast to coast back to their home based out east and we have our own home grown low lives added on top…I myself have in the past fallen victim to the Gypsy sytle thieves was robbed inside Superstore on Nairn several years ago.

I agree that is part of it and so is foreign tourism crime where organized crime gangs from Chile and elsewhere sending thieves to Canada, the UK, France, Australia and other developed countries with weaker laws, enforcement and prosecution of theft crimes. They sent in two week shifts and stealing millions in valuables every year. If caught they get a three month sentence and then deported which for them is a nothing. The RCMP, local police and governments need to work together more, with interpol and the international courts of justice.

That said there is larger issues and more that needs to be done to improve efficiency and effectiveness of local police some of which it known but ignored or not a priority.

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