Autoweek Asks: Should cars have automatic speed limiters?

The tech is already there to make automatic speed controls a reality in new cars, thanks to GPS knowing which roads you’re on all the time. Photo by Autoweek

March 29, 2019


I lived in the Euope for 7 years and drove on the autobahn in Germany at what felt safe in my Nissan Primera with the road design (140 – 150 km/hr) and stuck to the right lane except to pass which was not often. I drove for hours without an intersection. More often than not I was being passed. I did not see any accidents on my travels on the autobahn or similar designed motorways in Europe.

In Winnipeg and some other places in Canada with poor quality and maintained road and pedestrian infrastructure plus intentional non compliance with proven national engineering standards accidents are common place. So is unlawful taxation as fines by police or for profit photo enforcement in known, created and often dangerously deficient locations.

Missing, purposely removed, inadequate or obscured speed limit and speed reduction signage common place. Same with artifically reduced speed limits and dangerously short intersection amber light times with lack of advance warning flashers.

These and other known engineering deficiencies against national standards but highly profitable when aggressively targeted and with government, municipality, police and judiciary that support or turn a blind eye. That would be criminal if it was not government and police sanctioned.

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