MB Government budget adds 27 more RCMP Officers – will they be used effectively?

March 28 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Concerned Citizen

I support spending on these officers if their direction and focus is on serious crimes (violent, property, corporate, financial and blue collar) and not more traffic “safety” revenue or MPI funded (diverted overcharges) demerit revenue collection in none safety issue or traffic engineering deficient locations. The RCMP still needs to make sure it is efficient and effective. They are partly a federal responsibility so some of this funding should be coming from there.

How many of these officers and resources being added to corporate crimes division to help stalled investigation into serious allegations of breach of trust, fraud and related by forner Mayor Sam Katz, his business partner and former CAO Phil Sheegl and Caspian Construction owner involving the new WPS Police HQ and Canada post construction that went way over budget and quality issues. It started almost 5 years ago and was reported charges pending over two years ago then it has stalled since.

Pallister said they would not discuss it or public inquiry while investigation ongoing. Was the prosecution interfered with?
While the leader of the official opposition he asked the RCMP to investigate the Selinger led government for serious allegations involving sole source contract and procurement of the tiger dams and related flood prevention’s and they did.

Will he call for or will the RCMP start proper investigations into serious allegations involving:
1) The IGF stadium loans, construction, repairs, redevelopment and tax deals for old stadium site. This also involved Sheegl and others.

2) Firehall land swaps involving Sheegl, Shindigo and others.

3) Waverly underpass with delays and other “mistakes” by City benefiting developer linked to Katz who bought CN property and sold to City at much higher price than if expropricating when the project first discussed.

4) Hydro and Parker land deals for BRT P1 involving GEM property development, closed door meetings with Bowman’s EPC and public hearing with lawyers caught lying or misleading.

5) BRT Phase One needing repairs already after crumbling roads.

6) BRT Phase Two raising expected price tag for BRT 1 and 2 to over $1 Billion, delays and calls for independent audit and review.

7) Expired Water Treatment lawsuit, Sterling Parkway Extension fiasco, Winnipeg Growth / Impact Fees, Portage and Main opening, flawed WPS CALEA re-accreditation and other questionable failures, closed door meetings , denied or massaged reports, studies, findings and governance issues some of which still before the courts.

8) MPI acting well outside its mandate and the MPI Act with diverting funds from overcharging to police and questionable “studies and pilot programs”, misleading the public, MB PUB and government to justify rate hikes many times above inflation while ignoring out of control bureaucracy, other fiscal mismanagement and allegations of unethical influence or corruption.

9) Coverup of Professional misconduct findings by senior officials with APEGM / EGM of Luis Escobar and two other City of Winnipeg Traffic Engineers involving dangerously short City wide 4 second intersection amber time policy regardless of speed and other engineering safety factors and many other serious complaints dismissed without proper investigations. Attempts to discredit whistleblower, mislead members and changing ethics rules to make it easier to hide wrong doing. LSM only gives City CSO Michael Jack a written warning for conflict of interest for giving his colleagues legal advice and practicing law when not registered.

10) Photo Enforcement in Winnipeg including initial pilot, review, procurement, operation and expansion and continued failures to meet conditions of authority by the Province and subsequent abuses in SCC / POC / traffic court and related.

Several others that have also caused loss of public trust, respect and confidence in elected and appointed officials, parlianent , the administrations, police, judicuary and the system in general.

The RCMP CC investigators agreed more investigations needed but said they were understaffed, underfunded, needed direction from higher up and were busy investigating the serious allegations with WPS Police HQ and Canada Post buildings.

I do not support the MB government spending tax dollars on sponsored ads which are not cheap, when they have a website, news feed and can post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media for free. This similar to billboards for PST reduced (as promised and expected) and paid ads by the feds with CPP (mandatory) information to promote not inform.

The MB government still needs to reign in out of control bureaucracy, unethical influence and corruption with, MB still having a $400 Million deficit, $24 Billion net debt, MB Hydro Crown corp owing over $19 Billion and climbing rapidly, MPI and other Crown corps and areas with unsustainable spending.

They can do this without cutting front line staff, services or raising taxes. Lowering the PST will help stimulate economic growth and legit revenue but much more needed.

If you agree contact your elected and appointed officials at the City, Province and Federal including Councillor, MLA, Premier, MP, Justice, Finance, Infrastructure Chairs and Ministers, OAG / AG, City Auditor, the Police Board, RCMP and others.

If you want more information all of the above is public knowledge via FIPPA requests, court records, Onbudsman, APGEM, LSM and other formal complaints, police press releases, unbiased media reports and other public records. If you cant find these after searching contact me.

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