Serious and financial crimes on the rise and now crime tourism – time to reverse the trend

Burglars in Edmonton caught on camera –

I see why many are getting one of these smart door bells with WiFi and camera. Looks like it time to do the same. Just need to secure it and other internet of things as the thieves have also been hacking them to let themselves in or collect confidential data from home computers etc …

Crime tourism a growing problem in Canada, says FBI agent

This is concerning but we also need to look past this one headline or article and see the negative trends. Yes Canada and the other western countries listed are in much better shape than others but what has made them this way is being eroded.

Canada is dealing with rising rates of serious crimes from domestic sources, organized crime networks linked to China, Mexico and elsewhere bringing in opioids and other drugs and laundering billions of dollars. This made easier with lax enforcement and laws against serious and financial crimes and now crime tourism.

A three months sentence for break and enter is a slap on the wrist for them. Criminal gangs from at least Chile flying in thieves to Canada, France, UK, Australia and elsewhere for two week shifts at a time to steal millions in valuables.

The RCMP in Manitoba, BC and elsewhere saying they underfunded and busy investigating corruption in government. These often get stalled or interfered with by politicians.

The past Conservative governments tough on crime agenda boosted funding to RCMP and other police across Canada but they later cut this leaving police and municipalities on the hook. This led to higher property taxes and in many cases more focus of traffic enforcement revenue collection with unfair and unlawful practices plus erosion of civil rights and judicial independence.

They cut this funding after oil prices collapsed and from years of fiscal mismanagement, tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to oil and gas, bailouts to Bombardier, GM, Chrysler and other corporate welfare that later got quietly written off.

Now it exposed they ignored corporations like SNC-Lavalin and likely others corrupting foreign and Canadian officials.

The Liberal government was got caught accepting $100,000 in illegal campaign donations via SNC-Lavalin and only required to pay it back. Now they covering up political interference in prosecution of SNC- Lavalin.

If we flip flop between different parties and governments with out dealing with the root issues in the establishment and system we will see more of the same just different leaders to blame.

We need to drain the swamp our federal and provincial governments, crown corps, many municipalities, school boards and other public bodies are in. Enforce the accountability and transparency measures already in place and add more with the focus on public interests not self and special interests.

We need to adequetly fund and resource the RCMP corporate and serious crime divisions and have them work more collectively with other police across Canada and internationally to reverse this trend. We facing foreign and domestic threats that are well funded.

The longer we allow this to drag on the harder and more costly it will be to cleanup and risk it escolating into something much worse.

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