Elections fraud undermining democracy

Jeff Callaway in downtown Calgary, on March 11, 2015.

Mar 20 2019

Three more donors to former Alberta UCP candidate Jeff Callaway identified for donating money that wasn’t theirs.

I am glad to hear the RCMP is investigating these serious allegations in Alberta but why are there only fines and not criminal charges for these violations of election laws? The wealthy can afford to pay them so there is no deterrent for this corruption. Based on what we have seen in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels there is likely more of this going on that just hasn’t been exposed yet.

If they can’t even run an honest campaign how can they be trusted to run government.

Audio recording surfaced in which UCP insiders appeared to discuss Mr. Callaway running a “kamikaze” campaign in which he would attack rival candidate Brian Jean so Mr. Kenney would not have to and then drop out and endorse Mr. Kenny.

The Federal Conservatives caught using robo calls with misleading info and sending people to the wrong polls and other unlawful tactics in previous election yet only faced fines. The Liberals caught recieving over $100,000 in illegal donation from SNC-Lavalin and only required to pay it back. Similar in Ontario, BC and elsewhere.

We need candidates that have a proven track record of honesty, integrity and competence that promise to support changes in these and other transparency and accountability laws so there is adequate enforcement and consequences for violating then. We need better funding, resources and direction for RCMP Corporate Crimes to investigate these and Crown Prosecutions that are not interfered with.


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