Are Reduced Speed School Zones improving safety or a cash grab?

Sept 26 2018 – Kevin Yaworski- WiseUpWinnipeg

Reposted Mar 17 2019

With all these conversations about school zone reduced speeds and the recent Winnipeg police statements about planning another aggressive enforcement campaign (most already know what that’s really about but not enough know that it also means using overcharges from MPI instead of refunding as legislated monopoly requires).

Attached is a letter from Edmonton Police. At the time Edmonton considered implementing reduced speeds around schools but found that they provide no safety benefit. The majority of violations were parents stopping were not permitted or safe to drop off or pickup their children. Here is the letter the entire of which is very good and to the point. It shows the difference between a police service that is targeting revenues and one that actually cares about safety.

CAA and Certified Engineers also called for flashing lights in School Zones and were ignored.

Engineering Report from EDM calling for flashing lights and …

History of School Zone Limit and Enforcement Issues in Winnipeg

More details on School Zones in Winnipeg

Chief Danny Smyth has also been saying he wants to expand photo enforcement and allow it to be setup in different locations than just School, Playground and Construction Zones. Now they have confirmed they will be using portal photo enforcement on other busy roads like Kenaston. This likely trash can looking portable units that can be easily moved around.

This and more reduced speed limits (regardless if artificially reduced against engineering standards and inadequately sign posted) is part of MPI, GoM, CoW and WPS Road to Zero / Vision Zerto traffic “Safety” initiatives for 2017 – 2020. No word of enforcing the Conditions of Authority from the Province for Photo and Officer Enforcement or enforcing due process, charter and other legal rights, sections of the HTA and regulations plus other legislation, bylaws, policies, code of ethics, professional standards, national standards that are being ignored when it convenient and benefits traffic, parking and bylaw revenue.

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