MB Government closes central education library

The Curriculum Support Centre is located in the Robert Fletcher Building.(Google Street View)

March 12 2019

Closing educational resource library act of ‘bad faith’ by province, union says

News of the impending closure of a library of classroom materials for teachers came without consultation with educators, the union representing teachers says.


— Commentary —

Why no consultation with the users of this resources, Teachers? Looks to me like they wanted to avoid the debate because they knew they would look bad.
80% of resources are printed material that will be distributed throughout the system but not available for loaning anymore.
There is more than just printed material available for loan. There is already limitations on printing in most school divisions and do kids need more screen time? I agree with balancing the deficit and eliminating net debt but there is better places to do it than this. Especially with an education system ranked among the worst in Canada.
There is bloated bureaucracy throughout the government, school boards and divisions. Why not look there and not a valuable resource many teachers use regularly. Capping divisions administration budgets to 2.4% isn’t doing enough to reduce bureaucracy.
The government is also not leading by example by not reducing their own bureaucracy enough while freezing wages for most other civil servants.
Removing caps on class sizes unlike most of Canada, cutting valuable services like this central library and preventative treatments like physio will cost more in the long run.
My wife uses regularly and so do many of the teachers she knows. Most of these teach early and middle years. Some have not been teaching long so do not have a lot of materials to reuse from previous years or from smaller schools with limited funding and materials.
From the comments there is many teachers still using it in Winnipeg and others having resources sent to their rural schools. They avoided consulting the teachers for a reason and there is many better places to look for cost savings.

Comment from a teacher

“Maybe our glorious union should pay for it instead of giving the human rights museum $1.5 million to name a classroom. That and the commercials they spend money on could have gone a long way to keep the library open. But we do have a mts named classroom and commercials people fast forward through. That so good 😀”

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