Human Rights Under Attack: Gareth Peirce on The New Dark Age

— Commentary—

Hard fought for human rights being eroded in the UK, EU, US, Canada and other countries that used to be well respected. Secret Courts to hear secret evidence, secrets kept from the public to hide wrong doing not protect the public. Intelligence obtained by torture and other unreliable means shared with allies and acted on without regard.

The current and future Canadian taxpayers stuck with tens of millions more in federal debt after lawsuits from past governments human and charter rights violations settled out of court to avoid high cost of litigation and risks of even higher court ordered compensation.

This lecture only touches on some of this. There is overwhelming proof it is spreading into more areas than just national security. Policing, traffic and family courts, national standards, free will of elected and appointed officials and independence of our Judiciaries are just some of the areas the public’s rights and protections are being eroded at unprecedented rates. Their original purposes along with transparency and accountability measures being ignored, misinterpreted or neutered for self and special interest gains.

Not acting against this in meaningful ways is equivalent to condoning it.

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