Mar 1 2019 – Kevin Yaworski – Volunteer Public Advocate

A recent meme being posted saying “The next Civil War Will Not Be …” will hopefully help unite the public vs. divide it. It makes a good point other than it needs adapting to say Not Liberal vs. Conservative or Partisan Politics and Against Misinformation instead of Media Rhetoric as this tactic used by all sides including domestic and foreign entities that benefit from the divides in almost every major debate or serious issue.

I agree with calls for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to resign after overwhelming evidence including his own changing narrative of serious wrong doing if not crimes in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

I also support a formal investigation into criminal behavior for all involved and a public enquiry into how this type of pressure or crimes can happen so easily.

It can be argued similar is needed with POTUS Donald Trump and some of the current leaders elsewhere.

What gets overlooked by most mainstream media and most of the public is how unethical influence and corruption in the establishment, system and elitism are at the root of this and most previous public service and corporate scandals, crimes and related.

There was influencing or corruption allegations, investigations, charges or convictions during the Harper and Obama governments and almost every other Federal, Provincial and State governments before them. Similar with many Crown Corporations, Cities, Municipalities, School Boards and Divisions etc …

There is laws, bylaws, sworn oaths, code of conducts, professional standards, policies etc… that were put in place by past elected, appointed and senior officials that genuinely put public interests before self or special interests. More than sadly many of these are now being misinterpreted or not enforced consistently or at all and when they are the consequences are minimal. Even our Federal, Provincial and State Judiciaries at times are being influenced, put under undue pressure or corrupted.

This needs to be part of the discussion and solutions along with more transparency and accountability during AND in between elections or we will just continue to have failures in government or worse every 4 years or so.

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