We now know Wilson-Raybould was pressured. They just didn’t call it that

Andrew Coyne – National Post with added commentary
Feb 21, 2019

Good summary of the SNC-Lavalin affair in the National Post by Andrew Coyne covering the legal and ethical perspective and the dangerous precedence it will set if meaningful actions not taken.

This undue pressure has been applied before in the current and previous Federal and Provincial governments, and Municipalities on more than just the Justice Ministers. Many MP’s, Senators, MLA’s, MPP’s or Councillors have been pressured to vote along party lines or at the will of a Prime Minister, PMO, Premier or Mayor. In this case it took the strong will of the former Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould to expose it.

All too often the elected or appointed officials bend to avoid being reassigned to less prominent appointments, being back benched and loosing the pay increases and perks of appointed roles or in some cases kicked out of caucus or ostracized completely.

Similar pressure has been exposed in some Provincial Judicuaries including Manitoba where back door meetings took place with senior Justices and public officials.

First she was not directed. Then she was not pressured. Now, courtesy of the clerk of the privy council, we learn she was not “inappropriately” pressured. The progression is familiar: when you cannot deny a thing is true, deny that it matters.


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