This Quadriga client lost his entire life savings in $560,000 mistake – Crypto currency follies

Image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Quadriga, the Canadian crypto currency broker was suspended and then shutdown with initial reports up to $850 Million in funds frozen or missing

Recent reports saying the exchange, now under creditor protection, owes roughly $250-million to 115,000 people – and almost three-quarters of the funds cannot be located. More details on his death and some remaining suspicions below.

Is this a matter of a couple caught up in a sudden affluent lifestyle after rapid rise in bitcoin value and then decisions to commit fraud as its value dropped even more quickly than it rose?

Is there more to this story than MSM is covering and are they exaggerating some parts of it to further hidden agendas?

The mainstream financial industry has feared the rise and disruption of crypto currencies especially as they gained more support. There has been some concerns that have been legitimate including using them to launder money and for other crimes but how much was propaganda?

Were dollar amounts and the extent of the fraud exaggerated by media, senior stakeholders in mainstream banks or others with something to gain?

Bloomberg News Doug Alexander
February 11, 2019 1:40 PM EST


How did Gerald Cotten die? A Quadriga mystery, from India to Canada and back

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