‘Nobody is protecting us’: Safe drug site concerns meeting at city hall gets emotional – Calgary Herald

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Meghan Potkins, Calgary Herald
More from Meghan Potkins, Calgary HeraldFebruary 13, 2019

‘Nobody is protecting us’: Safe drug site concerns meeting at city hall gets emotional

— Commentary–

Similar concerns in Winnipeg, Vancouver and elsewhere there is safe injection sites or proposals for them. There is benefits to them in helping prevent fatalities and lead addicts towards rehab and recovery but is not enough being to done to protect the public near by them and elsewhere.

The slack regulation or lack of enforcement for opioids and related plus little done to investigate and prosecute financial crimes in Canada helped create and feed the opioid crisis. Then they finally took action by restricting access causing dealers and many users to turn to fentanyl laced pills or meth.

Once they started to raid casinos in BC setup by Chinese organized crime members to launder millions if not billions of dollars they were deserted after getting tipped off.

More consolidated here and elsewhere online.



Partial Archive

“A January police report showed that within a 250-metre zone of the Chumir, there has been a 276 per cent increase in drug-related calls to police. Violence in the area is up nearly 50 per cent, while vehicle crime has increased 63 per cent.

The committee also heard from people working on all sides of the drug crisis, including a panel of health officials and law enforcement.

AHS provided updated statistics pointing out that there have been 850 overdose reversals since the supervised consumption site opened in 2017.

One woman, who previously used meth and now works as a peer support worker at the Chumir, criticized the city for not including someone with lived experience of drug addiction on the panel.

Jessica McEachern slammed one councillor for describing drug dealers as “scumbags” and suggested a lot of criminal activity can be attributed to the fact there isn’t a reliable, safe supply of drugs available.

“It’s $114,000 to put a person in jail for a year. If you were to put just a third of that into support for a person, you would never see that person in trouble again,” McEachern said.”

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