Warning about lemon vehicles and doggy dealers

Jan 14 2019 – Kevin Yaworski

Here is several warnings from first hand experience with Daloussi Auto on Goulet St. in Winnipeg and first generation Chevy Aveo. Aka Chevy Kalos / Lova / Nexia, Pontiac G3 / Wave, Daewoo Gentra and others listed below.

I know a young woman who got taken advantage of by Daloussi Auto, a lousy and dodgy used car garage in Winnipeg. They lied about the vehicle, warranty, repairs it needed and falsified documents. They may have even falsified provincial safety inspection but it wasn’t investigated early enough.

She didnt trust or want to deal with Daloussi so got the repairs done at a trusted garage but it cost over $855.

It has been a life lesson for her to say the least.

When I found out this happened to her I wanted to help as she did not have the confidence or experience needed to deal with these type of outfits and people properly. Sadly it was already a few months after when she told me but had problems before even taking delivery but was young, frustrated with difficulty finding a used car within her budget and desperately needed vehicle to get to work with unpredictable and often late or early hours.

When I went with the woman to speak to the dealer about the facts the owner (picture stereotype slimy used car dealer) made some outrageous claims.

I asked “why they sold the vehicle with rough idle, the engine light on and told her ‘we dont have the equipment to read code or reset after repair and it is a minor code and no need to worry about it they all do that.’

Why you put 15k lower kms than the vehicle actually had on the bill of sale and warranty documents. The provincial safety certificate has the right value and safety inspection was “completed” at the time of sale.”

I showed him receipt from repair at other garage and said because warranty had wrong mileage she thought it was expired and based on your guys trend in behavior she didnt trust you. He said she got overcharged for repairs and should have brought it back to them.

He said “Sit down and we can discuss” and then he stayed standing up after getting himself a bottle of water. Likely because he was shorter than me and other customers were around. I said no thank you. He said “It must have been an accident and our manager will correct and send new warranty document. We sell twenty cars a week and they all happy”. They never did send it.

I asked “If that the case why does the BBB lists them with a F rating and many people actually every person had negative feedback and experiences with you”.

He said “if you want to go to court you will get nothing.”

I had not mentioned court or formal complaint to MB consumer protections but these obviously warranted and needed.

The women was getting anxious and just wanted to leave so we decided to accept their weak offer for $200 credit but said we would be back if the new document not provided.

They didn’t send them so I offered to help her file formal complaint with MB Consumer Protections. Stay tuned.

She is still on limited budget so I offered to help her repair some more problems with her Aveo to get it running properly, safetied, sell and find more reliable and safer vehicle. We have got some parts that are still in decent condition and safe from autowreckers to save her much higher parts and labour costs from garage.

While checking auto wreckers one said “Aveo’s not worth wrecking, most parts are worn out” when they come in. I assume also due to poor quality to start and no value other than schredding for metal which is minimum so they don’t buy them.

More below about this and similar model vehicles plus first hand and common problems with them.

The Chevrolet Aveo (/əˈv./ ə-VAY-oh) is a subcompact car manufactured since 2002 (by Daewoo from 2002-11), marketed worldwide in 120 countries under seven brands (Chevrolet, Daewoo, Holden, Pontiac, Ravon, and Suzuki).[1] The second generation Aveo began with model year 2012 and was marketed as the Sonic.

First generation (T200)2002-11

Also called
Chevrolet Kalos
Chevrolet Lova
Chevrolet Nexia
Daewoo Gentra
Daewoo Kalos
Holden Barina (TK)
Pontiac G3
Pontiac G3 Wave
Pontiac Wave
Ravon Nexia R3
Suzuki Swift+
ZAZ Vida

2002–2011 (South Korea)
2002–present (under license)

First hand and common problems with at least 2009 Aveo. Internet searches find many examples of other Aveo owners or mechanics having these and many mire problems Aveos of similar years.

Some of these possibly caused by or made worse by poor maintenance and misuse but some due to poor design, quality and QA.

  1. Common problems with Vacuum leaks.
  2. No PCV Valve and just orfice in valve cover. Cracked or leaking PCV hose.
  3. Valve cover gasket failure at <150k kms.
  4. Common rough idle and throwing of engine error codes related to rough idle vacume or lean fuel mixture.
  5. No accessible fuel filter and part of fuel pump in tank.
  6. Small 14″ wheels with 4 bolt pattern. Maybe not common as out of 15 Aveo’s or similar bolt pattern cars at one wrecker only one had 14″ wheels.
  7. Possibly poor quality metal for wheel studs and nuts. All 4 on at least one wheel were rusted, ceased and sheared off. Even with attempts to use impact wrench to loosen. May have been tightened too much by garage.
  8. Faulty safety sensor or systems for transmission and ignition to prevent starting engine or shifting out of park without brake on.
  9. 4.25L oil for 1.6L engine and tiny oil filter that looks more like a tiny air filter. Oil got very dirty quickly even with normal driving conditions and low kms.

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