Bed bug infection – prevent and how to safely exterminate

Image: Roger Eritja / Getty Images

Jan 15 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

When traveling or staying in local hotels or accomodations, check bed bug registry website before booking, some cities or areas of some Cities and some hotels have high rate of infection and regular chemical use to clean. Sometimes the chemicals toxic and worse than bed bugs but best to avoid these areas regardless.

Regardless always check headboard, mattress, end tables etc… they seem to like corners of unpainted particle board furniture parts. Keep luggage and cloths off bed or floor. Check yourself for bite marks each morning. Although some dont react to bites. Check luggage closely when checking out. If you find them report to hotel manager and if they do not take adequate action tell them you will be reporting the incident to local health authority. Consider doing it regardless especially if there is info on bed bug registery that it a reocurring problem for them.

Stay tuned for update on how to effectively exterminate without spending a lot of money or having to use toxic chemicals if you are unfortunate and get infection.

Winnipeg has second highest rate of bed bugs in Canada

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