Toronto man loses driver’s licence after disclosing marijuana use to doctor

Jan 13 2019 – Global News with commentary by Kevin Yaworski

Here is exerts from the Global News article linked below and the some important questions not asked in the article.

According to MTO regulations, the “goal of the medical reporting program is to protect the public from individuals who have a medical condition that MAY make it unsafe to drive.”

The regulation require reporting if the patient refused to follow treatment recommendations but in this case the patient says there was no recommendations just two warnings that regular cannabis use may impair driving.

Another Dr supplied evidence that helped get the license reinstated.

Under section 203 of the Highway Traffic Act (Ontario and others?) there are now mandatory reporting requirements for high-risk medical conditions, vision conditions and functional impairments that make it dangerous for a person to drive.

The rules now apply to physicians, optometrists and nurse practitioners.

This Dr and others likely feel forced to report their patients since the legislation requires it and failing to could lead to prosecution, litigation or discipline if their patient is impaired and causes harm or property damage.

What are the consequences if the Dr or Nurse informed, do not act and the patient harms someone while driving impaired?

Some interesting comments on the original post and questions.

1) … medically or not, cannabis impairs judgement. If your mind is not all there, you shouldn’t be driving. That goes for fatigue and headaches too!

2) How much did the government or police forces pay, or strong arm Global News into constantly running these Marijuana fear mongering campaigns? Do a story on this: Get someone who regularly smokes marijuana to smoke a joint and go to a go kart track. Then, get someone to have 3-4 drinks and drive the same track.

3) I know of a person who is a regular user of cannabis. Without it this person is all over the place, can’t focus, cant be productive. With it, this person is focused and very productive. (This person was also diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, as a child). This person wanted to go work on the rigs. This person needed a clean piss test. So this person tried twice and could not get their levels below 15 ng which was required. This person stopped for over a month and still could not get below the 15ng. So really how can they truly detect an impairment? When we take a good look at the children who are now being medicated what will the percentage be of them going on cannabis when they become adults? These doctors may as well give all the names of the children who are on meds now, because chances are, they too would rather smoke weed than take the meds that they are on now. What is the government up too?

Does or may impair? Depends on the person, quantity and type consumed or smoked and other factors?

Toronto man loses driver’s licence after disclosing marijuana use to doctor – Global News

Read the article before commenting please.

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