DIY Auto Repairs

Here is some info for DIY Auto repair folks if they not aware and those that want to learn.

Loan a tool
With over 60 specialized tools available, Canadian Tire is sure to have just what you need to get the job done right. At participating Canadian Tire stores.


Simply put down a deposit on the loaner tool. Return the tool in the original condition and receive full refund.

Need the tool for the next repair? Just keep it. The deposit is the purchase price.

Great for those with vehicles or parts off warranty, DIY skills and experience.

If you not a DIY person but want to learn more info here at least for automotive.

Before trying repairs on your own vehicle and if it not involving parts critical for safety you may want to go to the auto wreckers to remove the part. Also check online repair guides and videos from trusted sources.

Once you have done enough minor repairs you may want to tackle more critical repairs but best to purchase original service manual or get from trusted publisher, don’t cut corners, test properly after and if needed get checked by a mechanic after.

If the part you repairing reasonable priced at Canadian tire consider getting it there or if used still suitable try the wreckers. Many parts only about 13% of new.

Bucks Auto wreckers are one of the better self service wreckers in Winnipeg in my experience for selection / inventory, prices, staff and service. They also have other locations in at least parts of Western Canada.

E.g. wheel hub after a garage tightened my daughter’s wheel so tight the studs sheared off trying to loosen nuts even with impact gun. Possible partly due to poor quality steel parts originally on her Chevy / Daewoo car.

Hub with working bearing on car with lower kms was $17 and Parts Source was $128.

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