Trump’s wall – good or bad idea?

Trump visits prototypes of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall in San Diego, California. Photograph: Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Jan 11 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

With the US government shutdown into three weeks now this is getting lots of attention around the world.

I thought the image below was funny and support the use of satire but am actually on the fence with the idea of Trump’s wall being good or bad. My bigger concern is the lack of facts around this and many political and public issues.

I support proper vetting of immigrants and see how security needs to be improved.

I do not support mistreating those that are generally harmless and desperate trying to cross illegally or for profit detection centers. Send them back and tell them to use the proper process to file for immigration or asylum if they truly in harm if returning.

If there was a trend on both sides of facts being used instead of false and misleading statements etc… there wouldn’t be as much resistence to change.

Image from a public post on Facebook

Public comments on the original post

Liberals like this only get outraged when it can be used against their enemy. The CBC was on the side of farmers wanting to sell grain in the US on their own. The Conservatives were on the same side. As soon as the Conservatives took power, the CBC switched sides and ran pro Wheat board stories for 300 straight days. All of the Dem leaders have called for better barriers and vigilance at the border, IN THE PAST. This ‘wall outrage’ has been created by those in favor of free migration.

If the southern barrier is improved and 30% fewer people sneak in, then the US will save several billions in support costs, therefore ‘paying’ for the wall. Reducing the amount of money sent south by those illegals will cost Mexico at least $5b.

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