Some inclusive schools dealing with serious violence



Kevin Yaworski – concerned citizen

January 6 2018

Serious violence against teachers, aids and other students is unacceptable even when it special needs students. There was more than enough chances in the case of the student in the following Globe article before expulsion. I feel for the parents but they should accept that their child needs something more than a public school can provide. Hopefully they can get him the help he needs to manage his behavior and one day be able to integrate in public school again.

Even integrating children with special needs but not violent is challenging. It helps these children and their parents but often comes at the cost of repeated distractions to the class and teaching.

This especially so in schools with limited number of teachers, teaching aids and related resources with experience and training in supporting these children which is not uncommon.

Educating Grayson: Are inclusive classrooms failing students?

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