More recalls of legal cannabis

In Alberta,

In Manitoba

With the amount of taxes added, shortages and now more recalls it will likely help keep the underground market alive and well so it failing to meet one if the main claims of legalizing.

Add in Mayor Bowman now saying if the Province doesn’t share cannabis revenue it will have to raise property taxes.

The Province says the added bureaucracy and policing costs from legalizing are unknown, yet the new legislation in MB has the highest fines in Canada and they are not permitting growing small amounts at home which is allowed in federal legislation.


bahahaha yep govt grown is sooo much safer, pay top dollar for mold

If they allowed the growing of small quantities for personal use. That would make a dent in black market operations. However. Charging more per gram at the retail price the govt is selling it for as opposed to what the black market charges ( which is 3.57 a gram or 100 an ounce) as opposed to the 15 buck and up a gram i see it for in retail environments and on top of it recalls now. Are not going to harm no one other than the govt but the only reason i can see that the govt wont allow us to grow is simple greed. If they cant make money on it forget it

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