Money laundering case in BC dropped without any reasons given – update

A woman arrives at a storefront in Richmond, B.C., on Friday, Jan. 4, 2019. The RCMP raided the location in 2015 when it housed the business Style Travel.

It is concerning that this important case dropped without any reasons given and if there was no evidence to convict why are they allowed to go after proceeds of crime?

If there is evidense for that then why is the Crown not charging them criminally again?

B.C. operation laundered massive amounts of cash, court documents say

MIKE HAGER – Globe and Mail

The B.C. couple that recently had their high-profile money-laundering case dropped by the Crown was allegedly washing $220-million a year for criminals, including an international cocaine trafficker associated with a transnational gang, according to new court documents.

Neither the RCMP nor the Crown have explained why the money-laundering case fell apart, though the RCMP said in a statement afterward that it is conducting a “full-scale review.”


Public deserves clarity from Ottawa on collapse of money-laundering case, says B.C. official

Vancouver: The City That Had Too Much Money – Bloomberg Quint

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