Global cooling and ice sheet increasing articles resurfacing

Arguments against climate change tend to share the same flaws. gillian maniscalco/Flickr, CC BY-ND

Jan 6 2018 – Concerned Citizen

Here is a comment on a post linking to the following heartland Institute article

Having seen this 2012 article before, the event mentioned was organized by The Heartland Institute. A far right libertarian group that’s still denying tobacco products are bad for your health. There funding is in excess of $8 million a year and they do not publish who donates / funds the organization.

Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth Is Cooling

773,719 views|May 31, 2012,3:26 pm
Peter Ferrara – Contributor
I cover public policy, particularly concerning economics.

Heartland Institute rated by Media Bias/Fact Check investigators as right biased with mixed factual reporting. Of the 200 from the public polled 66% said they extreme right biased and 14% said right biased.

Similar with the one NASA study claiming one area of Antarctica ice increasing while other studies from NASA and many peer reviewed studies clearly show global ice sheets and glaciers decreasing at a much faster rate than ever seen even in geological records spanning hundreds of thousands of years.


How to use critical thinking to spot false climate claims

February 6, 2018 11.46pm EST
Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland

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