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MB PC Government trying to keep promise to reduce deficits

image – John Woods/The Canadian Press MB PC Government is trying to restore fiscal responsibility and keep promise to reduce deficits to allow eventual a balance budget and reductions to net debt. This required after the former NDP majority governments … Continue reading

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Facebook flags users who try to ‘game’ fact-checking effort

Facebook Facebook flags users who try to ‘game’ fact-checking effort AFP Published Tuesday, August 21, 2018 4:14PM EDT

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Allegations, police and media investigations, trials and convictions related to Ontario politics

Dec 29 2018 – Globe and Mail and National Post investigations — The allegations of voting fraud, related nomination or election corruption, coverup of wrong doings, police investigations with some trials or convictions in Ontario in the following media investigations … Continue reading

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Storm clouds on the horizon better than storm clouds overhead | Fraser Institute

Interesting perspective on several global issues and that it may not be as bad as it looks

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Damn, It Looks Like Part of That Glitter Bomb Video Was Fake – VICE

But don’t blame the guy who made it. By River Donaghey|Dec 21 2018, 6:09pm Great idea and video exposing and pranking door step package thieves. Nice to see he discovered and removed the fake videos from original video. Archive … Continue reading

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Another Western Canadian Coastal gas project has been cancelled

The logo for ExxonMobil appears above a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on April 23, 2018. RICHARD DREW/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS — Exxon Mobil shelves $25-billion B.C. LNG project Another gas project on the West … Continue reading

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What else happens when you click on sponsored links in Facebook or other social media

Dec 23 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Volunteer Public Advocate Even if you have set privacy settings in your account and apps from Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc… to disable ad tracking and limit data collection and other tracking you … Continue reading

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