Bitcoin tanks

I had some friends ask about my thoughts about investing in bitcoin when one was at around $15k. I had not traded directly even in equities for years but knew it was very volatile and high risk. It had been used in some questionable transactions, was at higher risk of fraud but more online businesses were starting to accept it. Many banks and credit cards were not supporting it or stopped and only a few exchanges trading it.

I shared this and they still seemed keen try buying a bit do I said if you had money to burn and were following it they will find out if it was a good idea or not in time. Not sure if they sold at the peak. I am sure many people did and many left out of pocket unless it climbs again. I guess time will tell.

I noticed they now have a Bitcoin ATM at the Marion hotel in Winnipeg. First I have seen anywhere. My first thoughts were that the Marion has a lot of Biker’s for customers and they have a reputation of being rebels. Turns out there is several in Winnipeg with some only buying and fees up to 9.9%.

If interested here is am article that talks about crypto currency and DApps (Decentralized Apps / Internet) and compares growth to past internet growth.

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