Not Impaired by Cannabis Court Decision

Interesting decision from 2011 in Saskatchewan. I think there will be many on both sides that agree or disagree with it.

This after accused being pulled over by a police Checkstop. These are funded by MPI in MB and usually give out hundreds of fines instead of warnings that turn into fine if not corrected for low tread, tail light burnt out, head lights pointed too high, light bars, tinted windows and other customizations etc…

At least no demerits for non moving violations. They should be warnings unless repeat or not corrected and proof provided to MPI with in x period. The drunks reported outside bars often ignored by police, diverting of funds and pensionable OT for at least WPS plus less focus on serious crime are the bigger issues.

Some have said “clearly this person related to someone”

“Hmmm, a judge with common sense, he would not last a week on the bench in Winnipeg.”

Good possibility but not all Judicuaries are as biased as Manitobas. Even in Manitoba we have had several public interest decisions among a trend of opposite.

CBC News · Posted: Aug 31, 2012 7:35 AM CT | Last Updated: August 31, 2012

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