Governments and Crown Corps misleading the public

The BC NDP minority government and ICBC are following the lead of the previous MB Selinger led NDP and current Pallister led PC governments plus MPI with misleading parliaments and the public to enact legislation and policies that are against public interests.
Some legislation enacted without due diligence, proper public consultation or debate and are arguably unconstitutional.

In this latest case they are using false and misleading stats, studies and reports to artifically reduce speed limits on 507 km of highways.

They also want to give municipalities control over speed limits like the PC’s in MB recently did with Bill 14 when many like Winnipeg proven to ignore proper engineering and safety in order to boost “safety” fines and MPI demerit related revenue.

They have called it vision zero, road to zero or toward zero but it leads to more anti public interest legislation that is arguably unconstitutional, artificially reduced limits, lack of proper signage, less transparency and accountability, more photo and officer enforcement, diverting officers from preventing and solving serious crimes, delays in court or more costly court resources tied up or added. All to boost “safety” and related revenue but at the expense of the above plus the economy and society.

More details here:

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