Public versus Private Auto Insurance

Updated: Nov 6 2018
Posted Oct 14 2016
Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate

Here is some info about privatizing auto insurance and some of the issues with public and private that need to be corrected.…/public-versus-private-auto-insurance

Comparing auto insurance across Canada

FIPPA results and MB PUB reports from previous MPI rate increase requests highlight diverting overcharges to police and out of control spending but this ignored and rates increased again.

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

MB PUB approves other large MPI rate hikes, demerit scale change and to raise rates in the future for parents insuring vehicles for their children, all without forcing MPI to rein in out of control spending – Global News

Some of these covered here:

Private insurance in some provinces is much cheaper on average and especially for those with good record and better service than public insurance.

Ontario is one that offers Private but has it’s own issues.

Class actions against auto insurance companies in Ontario



Enough is enough with the out of control spending and abuse of the public and public funds by WPS and MPIC while some senior people at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba ignore or turn a blind eye

Rates on the rise in at least some parts of Canada and may increase more after cannabis legalized.

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  2. Pingback: MB PC’s allow PUB to approve 3.7% rate hike for MPIC instead of reining in out of control spending  | Whats Up

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